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Clement McCrae Puppet Shows

"The Greatest Show on Strings"
Digital Press Kit

Nancy Manzo
Legal Assistant
Kansas City, MO

" . . . I would love to give you guys a good reference. You guys are just the best. You  mesmerize the kids; and I just can't say enough good things about your show . . . "
-- Nancy Manzo

The World Company
Lawrence, KS

"I want to thank you both for the wonderful job you did at our company picnic. I have to admit that if I had not seen you perform  . . . I probably wouldn't have hired you . . . Several of my fellow employees were very hesitant of the fact that we were having a 'puppet show', but after watching your performance, they have changed their minds. Your performance truly is for all ages!!" 

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Crown Center

July 2005

Uncle Sam making his finale at the summer "4th" show






Crown Center Pictures
(slide show)


Felicia Hardison Londré
Curators' Professor of Theatre
American Theater Fellow
University of Missouri Kansas City
Branch President, NLAPW
(The National League of American Pen Women)
October 2004
 “. . .You could surely tell by the enthusiastic response of the members that you and your troupe of puppets and puppeteers won the hearts of everyone in your audience of mature women just as completely as if we were children. I absolutely loved . . . [all the] spirited numbers.

"I would like to complement you also on the professionalism of the presentation. The set-up of your stage and equipment as well as the lighting were all handled so smoothly. . . .”




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Puppet "Stage Hands"

Preshow introduction at libraries and schools

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Emporia Public Library

"There aren’t many activities that can involve such a range of ages in the performance and in the audience. I think you’ve done a fine job of including something for everyone in the show."

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The French Poodles

From left to right: Fifi, Mimi, Didi and Gigi

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Kansas City Star
Metropolitan Section
July 2002

 “Fancy Moves”

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"Circus de Paws"

The Greatest Show on Strings

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Manhattan Public Library

"Thank you again for coming to Manhattan on super short notice. You saved the day! And my sanity.

"Your performance was top-notch. I am still getting comments from children and parents about how fun and entertaining the show was. You must enjoy what you do because your enthusiasm really shows, and your talents are amazing."

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Kansas City Star
Careers 1999

"Their stitched stars leaves many in stiches"

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The twenties flapper dancer

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Kansas City Star

Metropolitan Frontpage
Saturday December 21, 2002

Hey guys, LOOK, we made the front page of the KC Star Metropolitan Section!

"Fun unfolded Friday at Blue Ridge Mall as the Clement McCrae Puppet Co. took the stage. Allison McCrae (Left) worked a dog puppet as her father, John McCrae (center), and mother, Mary Susan McCrae, operated the other figures. Performance continues today at 1, 2:30 and 4 p.m."

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SST Inc.
St. Joeseph

"Thank you very much for providing the great entertainment at our Company Picnic. Your shows are always a big hit with the children. I enjoyed working with you."

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Higginsville Advance
Friday September 24, 1999

"Country Fair scarecrows were part of this years Clement McCrae Puppet show."

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Stefano Bufano making an entrance

(Stefano is the older brother of the Bufano brothers -  Remo Bufano,
Bafo Bufano, and Stefano Bufano. Also performing in the show is their second cousin little Pepito Bufano)

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St Joseph News-Press

Metro Section
December 2001

"Puppets entertain St. Joe , Savannah kids"

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