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What do your shows consist of?   
Most of our shows are performed with a mix of marionettes, hand puppets, and rod puppets. The marionettes are done in front of the stage where the audience can see the puppeteers manipulating the controls, and the other puppets are performed behind stage (the performers out of view from the audience). Our shows are done in a variety/cabaret style format of musical numbers linked together in a playful theme.    

How long are your shows?   
Our shows vary in length. Most are around 30 minutes with additional time for demonstration, discussion, or Q&A if you like. We can also do workshops depending on your needs. Show times and duration's, in many cases, can be tailored to your needs.   

How long does it take to set up?   
It takes us approximately 30 minutes to set up, although we like to arrive an hour before showtime (for larger shows we like to set up well before but can still set up in 30 minutes if need be).    

What do you bring?   
We bring our own professional sound system, a traveling backdrop, stage lighting,  along with some 20 or so puppets and marionettes. It all comes in boxes on wheels that we roll in and  unpack.   

How much space do you need?   
We have performed for audiences anywhere between a private dinner party of four couples (8 people) in a private residence (living room), to a corporate Christmas party of 700 employees and their families with us performing on stage in a community hall.   

Our shows are well suited for auditoriums, meeting halls, churches, outside fairs, although we quite often perform in private homes (living rooms, Great rooms, back yards). We are very adaptable to the nature of the occasion.    

If we are on an elevated stage and the audience is in theater seating, a size of  400 or 500 people is perfect. A smaller audience would be wonderfully intimate.    

If we are on the same level as the audience (such as a gym floor), a much smaller size is preferred. The reason being, we come out in front and the audience can see the puppeteers perform with the marionettes right on the floor, people in the back may have a hard time seeing if the group is quite large, although depending on how we can arrange them (4 or 5 rows is the best arrangement in a semi-circle around our stage) we have been able to accommodate a good size crowd and/or we have done multiple shows.   

As always, if there is any doubt as to your needs or limitations, call us.   

What are your requirements of us?   
We need a source of electricity within reasonable distance (100' or less). A stage area of 16' by 16' (we can go smaller but it depends on the occasion, setting and type of show),  and we need head clearance of 7 feet. If you think any of this is a problem, call us. We can usually work around it.   

What is the cost?   
Given the wide variety of shows that we do, it is hard to give a standardized price per show. We do give discounts for multiple bookings - multiple shows in one day -- or a package of shows.    

Please call us for specifics.  

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